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Terms & Conditions

All Cakes and Bakes made by Stephanie Teece, Janet Teece and The Scrumptious Cakes and Bakes Company are subject to the following terms and conditions




All our ingredients are of the highest quality.


All fruit cakes contain nuts, or traces of nuts or nut oil.


Sponge, flavoured and chocolate cakes, are made to be eaten on the day of the celebration. The cakes are made in premises in which nuts are used, every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate however cakes may contain traces of nuts or nut oil.




Sugar paste (the soft icing covering the cake) is not designed to be refrigerated and as such cakes with this icing should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably in the box they were supplied in, refrigeration may cause colours to run and cakes to dry out. If you are unsure on how to store your cake please just ask for our advice.




We prefer four months notice on wedding cakes however we will accept short notice cakes subject to the availability of the date required.


Any cake ordered from a picture or photo of a cake produced by any other cake maker, can only be reproduced by The Scrumptious Cakes and Bakes company as our interpretation of that cake and will not be an exact reproduction of the cake in the picture or photo.




We require a deposit on placement of order for all cakes and bakes, which is deducted from the final balance payable. Deposits are non refundable in most cases, however at the Company's discretion may allow deposits to be refunded if the order is cancelled with at least 2 weeks notice. This will depend on the work already undertaken and monies already spent. No refunds will be given for orders cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice. Your date for delivery will not be reserved until a deposit has been paid.


Final Balance Payments


50% of the final balance, is payable 3 months prior to the wedding date, and 1 month for all other orders. The final balance payment is due 1 month prior to the wedding date and 2 weeks prior to all other orders. If full payment is not received when requested, work will not continue on your cake / bake until final payment is received.




Cancellation when design has been chosen.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable in most cases. Full payment of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 1 month of the wedding date, 50% of cake balance is required if cancellation is within 3 to 1 months of the wedding date. Full payment of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 2 weeks of any other cake or bake order, 50% of the cake balance is required if cancellation is within 2 months to 2 weeks. All cancellations must be submitted in writing and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure receipt of the cancellation.  On receipt of the cancellation you will be sent confirmation and information of any amounts due at the cancellation date, these amounts must be paid within 7 days of the confirmation letter, any unpaid balances will be pursued through the small claims court and customers will be responsible for costs and expenses incurred in this process.


When cancellation occurs, the customer is responsible for payment of any expenses incurred in the design of any cake or bake, and any special equipment / accessories purchased that cannot be used in future designs.




Please note cakes with sponge tiers may not be completed until the day prior to/or the day of the celebration to ensure the cakes are as fresh as possible. Should you wish to be kept updated with the progress of your cake, pictures may be sent by email / WhatsApp if requested, but this is not always guarenteed.




Any refund given for disputes regarding a cake design or production of a design are completely at the discretion of The Scrumptious Cakes and Bakes Company and are not automatic.  Full refunds will never be given for any cake which has been consumed regardless of dispute, as consumption of the cake is viewed as your acceptance that the cake is adequate for the purpose for which it has been supplied.  All cakes delivered to venues are photographed from different angles to show cake quality on delivery we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to the cake or items with the cake such as knives, decorations and stands, once the cake has been delivered to a venue or collected, or for loss, damage or non-delivery under unavoidable or exceptional circumstances. This in no way affects your statutory rights.




Cakes will be delivered and set up subject to availability; any arrangements for delivery may be subject to change, however prior notice will be given where possible.


Cakes are to be collected at a prearranged time and date only. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage to cakes or bakes which are collected. The customer will be asked to sign a form which states the cake was in perfect condition at the time of collection and the condition of the cake will then become the responsibility of the customer. The Company will advise the best way for the cake to be transported, which is usually on a flat surface such as the footwell of the car or in the boot. The cake should not be transported on a passengers lap and every care should be taken when going around corners and/or speedbumps.




From time to time our designs are published in national wedding cake magazines and other publications, we reserve the right to use any image of a cake made by The Scrumptious Cakes and Bakes Company for publication and marketing at a later date.


Return of Hired Equipment


Deposits are taken  for all equipment.   All equipment must be returned within 3 days of the wedding / event date (unless alternative arrangements have been agreed prior to wedding / event in writing) or extra charges may be levied to cover hire costs.  Any damages to equipment will incur a reduction of deposit returned in order to cover costs of repair or replacement.